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In 2008, infolalulintas.com started out as an idea from Jonathan Nasution to combine the power of Twitter as a microblogging tool and the community that uses it, to report traffic updates on the go. Together in partnership with Neuro-Designs, and after a couple of years using Twitter and GroupTweet as the core system, we decided to take this concept on a bigger level by developing our own proprietary reporting system.

infolalulintas.com provides the latest updates on the traffic condition in several Indonesian cities by having Indonesian Twitter users to update the site as they see the road traffic they're currently at.

In its third year, together in partnership with Rycode, infolalulintas.com released infoll.mobi, a proprietary mobile website that enables users to use the service without relying to third party platforms. infoll.mobi is also accessible from regular mobile phone browsers, creating an extensive accessibility for non-smartphone users. infoll.mobi served its purpose for several years and it is now no longer available for public use.

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